The Outer Banks – Destination Slideshow

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My house in the Outer Banks (Photo by: Brittany Jakubowitz)


Growing up, my family and I would always take trips to the Outer Banks on the coast of North Carolina. I loved hanging out on the beach and watching the wild horses roam.

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We All Love the Fall!

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Fall Image (Photo by: Brittany Jakubowitz)

Out of all four of the seasons, the fall seems to be a popular favorite. It seems t

hat so much happens during this time of the year, in addition to distinguishable differences in temperature and nature.

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For Sale:

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Real estate sales have been escalating in recent months, however, those who still have their “For Sale” signs on the front lawn are growing frustrated and impatient. Today, the average house remains on the market for at least 6 months before being sold.

Real estate agents are extending their help to new homebuyers who now have a wide array of options.

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